Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care Is Critical For Overall Wellness

Many pet owners underestimate the importance of dental care as a part of overall well-being. Just like an annual visit to your veterinarian for a checkup, including pet dental care and cleaning, can also decrease the likelihood of developing other health problems. Periodontal disease is often undiagnosed, especially in older pets. At Springhurst Animal Hospital in Louisville, we provide all the necessary care for your beloved pet with comprehensive dental exams.


What Can An Annual Cleaning Do For My Pet? 

Regular cleanings can prevent bacteria buildup in the gums, tooth loss and decay, and bad breath. Also, we can give you some advice on how to maintain your pet's teeth and gums with a proper diet. It's important to understand that keeping your pet's oral health in check can also prevent future issues like heart disease and diabetes. Proper dental care shouldn't only occur when you make a trip to the veterinarian. Any staff member from Springhurst Animal Hospital can guide you on the proper techniques for maintaining good oral health at home. Just like humans, your pet's teeth can have a buildup of plaque over time, so it's critical to implement good oral hygiene in the household.

Understanding Pet Dental Care

In general, any pet teeth cleaning involves the use of anesthesia to reduce anxiety and stress. Also, it allows your vet to complete a thorough cleaning that won't compromise safety. A scaler can be used to clean the teeth, including under the gumline, and remove tartar and plaque. To finish, the teeth are polished, so they'll be able to act as a repellant against future plaque buildup. Your veterinarian could also take X-rays or conduct a relatively simple oral procedure like removing a decaying tooth. 

Symptoms Your Pet Has a Dental Problem   

There are some signs that pet owners can be on the lookout for that will indicate poor oral health. Not only are these uncomfortable for your pet, but they are likely very dangerous. Here are a few things that would be concerning:

  • Drooling more than usual
  • Halitosis, known to us as bad breath
  • Dark red gums that are swollen
  • Difficulty eating or decreased appetite 

Visit Our Veterinary Pros in Louisville for Pet Dental Care

Dental health shouldn't be overlooked. Our team here at Springhurst Animal Hospital in Louisville understands the importance of oral health in your pet. When you need to schedule an appointment or have questions about your pet's dental care plan, please don't hesitate to contact us for exemplary care. Call (502) 326-2975 today.


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